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Shafiq Mureed Afghan Songs | آهنگ های شفیق مرید

Bay KasiPLAY
Dar Aan NafasPLAY
Dawlat Bhi Lelo (Hindi)PLAY
Bya Aye Rahat JanPLAY
Kya Howa Tera Wada (Hindi)PLAY
Bangri BangriPLAY
Yaar Ko Maine (Hindi)PLAY
Bewafa Wale RataPLAY

Zama Meena NadaPLAY
Wale Rana LaarePLAY
Shab o RozPLAY
Bia Aye Rahat JanPLAY
Dar An NafasPLAY
Hara Lar Da RanraPLAY
Tal De Ta KhushalaPLAY
Zewar Maband Ba KhudPLAY
Ayat e IshqPLAY
Salam e SabzPLAY
Da AfghanistanPLAY

More MorePLAY
Da Ghra ChinaPLAY
Za Hairan YamPLAY
Ta Sara Me Zra LagiPLAY
Watandar Hamin AstPLAY
Khanda KoPLAY
Sta Merane Ta SalamPLAY
Ta Che Mawjood e KhudayePLAY
Ba NegahatPLAY
Da Bilal Khoga AzanaPLAY

Lamba De ShamaPLAY
Che La Mana Lare TlalePLAY
Ta Sara Meena LaramPLAY
Che La Mana LariPLAY
Khaista AfghanistanPLAY
Tu Freshta Khuda RaPLAY
Bya Aye NegaramPLAY
Sarkhaile NazaneenanPLAY
Aye Tamam Hast BodamPLAY

Shafiq Mureed Albums:

  1.  Album: Shafiq Mureed Single Songs
  2.  Album: Shafiq Mureed – Mureed Afghanistan
  3.  Album: Shafiq Mureed – Ehsas
  4.  Album: Shafiq Mureed Live in Kabul

About Shafiq Mureed:

Shafiq Mureed is an Afghan artist conceived in Kabul, Afghanistan. His Parents are from Laghman territory of AfghanistanShafiq Mureed is Afghan vocalist who was affected by Nazir KharaKhara thought him for couple of months and later he did one of his melodies bewafa in kabul and his second tune was (Dar Aan Nafas Ki Bimiram). Since, then Shafiq picked up prominence in Afghanistan. He is known for his everything tune, all Dari and Pashto.

His center has dependably been on the nature of the verses, music and organizations than the amount of the melodies and collections.

He believes that a melody has four vital segments which are verses, arrangement, music and vocals; and if both of these parts need quality, it will negatively affect the entire tune.

He has devoted a lovely tune for Afghanistan after quite a while, which has gotten a unique prize from Ministry of Information and Culture for his persuasive, energetic and cherished tune and for the extraordinary administration he has made for Music particularly for Pashtu in the field of singing.

Shafiq Mureed has common voice, and sings tunes with incredible sentiments, energy, expression and with most alluring and brimming with feeling and feeling voice, and with his most prominent own method for singing it.

He is said to be the supply of Music Talent, he has full ability and expertise in arrangement combination, which pulls in new comers and make them sharp to begin working with him.

Shafiq Mureed has dependably been helping understudies and kids. He is one of the first organizers that made a green domain battle in the year of 2007 and is additionally making a music video on ecological security.

Shafiq Mureed is the most acclaimed and prominent artist now days which gets much love and gratefulness from all over subcontinent, he has wide base of fans in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, India, USA and different nations.