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Afghan Songs by Abbas Neshat | آهنگ های عباس نشاط

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About Abbas Neshat

Abbas Neshat is an Afghan Singer and was born in 1369. He is from Jaghori district of Ghazni province currently living in Barchi, Kabul. He is graduated from Shabana High School and loves his dad more in his family.
Abbas Neshat’s favorite colors are Red, Green and Blue. His favorite hobbies are playing Football, Cinema and Painting. His favorite Afghan Singers are Dawood Sarkhosh, Hameed Sakhizada and Safdar Tawkali. He was inspired from the music of Ustad Noor Muhammad and he learn music for 2 years in Pakistan with Hameed Sakhizada, He was also in Iran for 4 years as Refugee. He is one of the talented singers in Afghan Music industry.

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