Ahmad Wali

Ahmad Wali Afghan Songs | دانلود آهنگ های احمد ولی

Tu Jan ManiPLAY
Shab Ke ToofanPLAY
Khalil ManPLAY
Jama DaridamPLAY
Gule SibamPLAY
Gul Sare ChawkiPLAY
Dil Khana KadiPLAY

Daqiqa HaaPLAY
Chashman SiahatPLAY
Ba Nazi Ke LailaPLAY
Shekaste Qalbe ManPLAY
Shab LabaanePLAY
Khana e DilPLAY
Kaash ImshabPLAY
Gul Ba DaamanPLAY
Balaa GeerPLAY
Ba Asman HaaPLAY
Asman BaranPLAY

Dil Ra BebinPLAY
Shakh MarjanPLAY
Sooz DilPLAY
Boro BabaPLAY
May KhawaraPLAY
Stargo KhumariPLAY

Sobh Asto SaqiPLAY
Qebla SahebnazaranPLAY
Qamat RasaPLAY
Noore ChashmiPLAY
Mah Roye TuPLAY
Hasti Che BashadPLAY
Dilam Az FeraqPLAY
Deli Ke QadrePLAY
Ba Iqbale HuzorPLAY

Kujaye MePLAY
Zindagi Dar Kenar TuPLAY
Nazri NazriPLAY
Jama NarenjiPLAY
Miyaye Ba Soye ManPLAY
Noor MahPLAY
Dunyaye ManPLAY
Naray NarayPLAY
Mahroy TuPLAY
Kohe GhamatPLAY
Khana BashiPLAY
Bulbulo GulPLAY
Alame GereftariPLAY
Ajare AjaPLAY

Mahe ManPLAY
Mahd AriaPLAY
Hadis PakPLAY
Kaash KePLAY
Now BaharPLAY
Hale DilPLAY
Estalef MaPLAY
Maihan AzadaganPLAY
Tarana WahdatPLAY
Khaak e KabulPLAY

Dukhtare KabulPLAY
Afghan WatanPLAY
Ghunchaye KhandanPLAY
Baran BaranPLAY
Tayeq NazPLAY


The name Ahmad Wali has ended up synonymous with commitment and diligent work through which he has acknowledged global achievement beyond his fantasies. For the pole numerous years, following the time when Afghans everywhere throughout the world opened their arms for this alluring craftsman, he has discharged the most calming and sentimental anthems and additionally delicate ghazals to a perpetually developing group of onlookers.

Ahmad Wali’s voice is cherished and appreciated by a great many Afghans. His voice touches the spirit while his songs sooth the heart. His beguiling voice has made him a star in the realm of eastern music. Ahmad Wali‘s voice, arrangement and verses incorporate into a consistent workmanship that delivers radiant minutes and fulfills the desires of endless Afghans and non-Afghans who value Afghan society and craftsmanship.


Album: Ahmad Wali – Arezo

Album: Ahmad Wali – Khaak-e Kabul

Album: Ahmad Wali – Par-e Tawoos

Album: Ahmad Wali – Shaam-e Ghazal

Album: Ahmad Wali – Saheb Nazaran [Live]

Album: Ahmad Wali – Atish

Album: Ahmad Wali and Hangama

Album: Ahmad Wali and Ustad Mahwash – Gul-e Sebam


About Ahmad Wali

Ahmad Wali (احمد ولی‎) is a well known Ghazal vocalist from Afghanistan. He started his vocation in the 1970s, getting to be famous in his local nation before he was compelled to escape by political change in Afghanistan. He proceeded with his work subsequent to resettling in Germany, performing all through Europe and the United States.

The child of a Police Commander, Wali was conceived in Kabul. He started investigating music as a Tabla player at 12 years old, step by step venturing into singing. While an understudy at Habibia High School, he recorded a demo tape. This went to the consideration of Radio Kabul executive Ustad Zaland, who composed the melody “Chashman – e – Abee” for Wali. This and the Wali-penned tune “Mah-ruye-tu” conveyed him to general society eye. Wali performed live in Afghanistan until after his secondary school graduation, when he joined a worldwide execution in Iran.

At that early stage in his vocation, Wali had not yet dedicated to life as an expert performer, and he selected in the Kabul Police Academy.[1] He kept performing, in any case, and soon dedicated to music, being taken as an understudy by established artist Ustad Sarahang. He built up a following in Afghanistan, with continuous appearances on TV and radio and additionally live exhibitions.

After the Saur Revolution of 1978, life in Afghanistan got to be troublesome, and in 1980, not long after the intrusion of Afghanistan by the Soviet Union, Wali—then an understood artist in his country—fled the nation with a produced travel permit. Wali’s produced travel permit got him to the extent India, where he got a Visa to Germany by faking a sickness.

In Germany, Wali proceeded with his vocation, performing there and all through Europe and the United States. He likewise has a child by the name of Massieh Wali.

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