Akhtar Shoukat

Akhtar Shoukat Afghan Songs | دانلود آهنگ های اختر شوکت

Har Shab PLAY
Sahari PLAY
Emshab PLAY
Geristam PLAY
Arezo PLAY
Shugofa PLAY
Dareen Sarmah PLAY
Darakht PLAY
Agar Meshud PLAY

Emshab Nawaye Khasta PLAY
Ahange Urdu PLAY
Ay Qamat e Bolande Tu PLAY
Hama Tarke Yar Gofta PLAY
Ahange Pashto PLAY
Tu Ay Halawate PLAY
Negara Bego PLAY
Emshab Ay Arame Jan PLAY
Banoye Ghazal Hayem PLAY

Naghma PLAY
Sultane Mani PLAY
Khamoshi PLAY
Maraw Ay Jan PLAY
Barayam Gerya Kon PLAY
Ba Kudam Shakha PLAY
Chashem Bahram Zadani PLAY
Agar Sharab PLAY
Dishab PLAY
Saqiya PLAY

Man Che Danam PLAY
Zahed PLAY
Khosh Kheramaan PLAY
Baharani PLAY
Aashiq PLAY
Man Mayrawam PLAY
Nahi Eshiqam PLAY
Ashiqana Tareen PLAY
Hama Umr PLAY


Akhtar Shoukat was conceived in Kabul, Afghanistan. He has moved on from Ansari High School, and afterward joined Kabul Polytechnic Institute. In 1987, he moved to India, and in 1989 he moved to Canada. He right now dwells in the city of Newmarket, close Toronto Canada. He has begun learning music with Professor Roneen Chaterji while he was in Kabul for around 2 years, and afterward he moved to India to proceed with the investigation of Indian Classical Music. He has finished the Indian Classical Music Diploma Program, under the Arts workforce of Delhi University in 2 years.


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Album: Akhtar Shoukat Banuy-e Ghazal Hayem

Album: Akhtar Shoukat Geristam

About Akhtar Shoukat

He is viewed as one of the best known ghazal vocalists from Afghanistan today. He is a finished ghazal vocalist, as well as an outstanding and prepared writer also. His novel com-positional pieces featuring the combination of fitting Persian ghazals with the air of Indian traditional ragas, has brought another taste and style in the Persian ghazal singing in Afghanistan. He has discharged four CDs in this way, three of which he has made accessible in Afghan-Mp3.com for tuning in. The most recent and fourth Album “Ghazal-e Shab” is accessible for buy by taking after the Store join. He is right now dealing with various activities, including another Urdu Ghazal Album and Farsi Ghazal Album both performed in a live setting with Harmonium and Tabla.

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