Aryana Sayeed

Aryana Sayeed Afghan Songs | دانلود آهنگ های اریانا سعید

Cricket PLAY
Bi Aghosh e Tu PLAY
Yaar e Bamyani PLAY
Kamak Kamak PLAY
Afghan Pesarak PLAY
Anaram Anaram PLAY
Yallah Yallah PLAY

Ashiqtar PLAY
Jelwa PLAY
Hairanam PLAY
Habibi PLAY
Dilam Tang Ast PLAY
Champion PLAY
Bano e Atasheen PLAY
Peroozi PLAY
Lahza Haa PLAY

Maadar e Afghan PLAY
Mashallah PLAY
Mashallah Ft. MQ PLAY
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About Aryana Sayeed

Aryana Sayeed is an Afghan artist, musician and TV character. She rose to popularity in 2008 with her single hit MashAllah. From that point forward she has performed routinely in shows, TV appears, and magnanimous celebrations, inside and outside Afghanistan. She was the host of Shab-e-Mosiqi on 1TV Afghanistan and served as one of the judges in Voice of Afghanistan 2013 on Tolo TV.

Aryana Sayeed was conceived in Kabul, Afghanistan[citation needed] Her guardians left Afghanistan when she was 8 years of age and lived in Pakistan before settling in Switzerland. Right now she lives in London, England with her Mother and kin. By the age of 12 she had acquired admission to a music school where she would perform in spots with a choir, “despite the fact that it wasn’t for long yet that very made me understand what I needed to wind up when I develop more seasoned” she has said on her meetings.

Being the first standard Afghan hip jump and pop artist, Aryana left a decent initial introduction behind in the Afghan Music Industry. On the other hand, her defining moment in her profession came after her tune Afghan Pesarak got discharged. Aryana Sayeed turned into an easily recognized name in numerous Afghan homes outside of Afghanistan and was asked for to perform at numerous shows the world over. Her tune Tark was less well known and scrutinized for its likeness to “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” by Jennifer Lopez. At the crest of all the sudden achievement, Aryana chose to go to Afghanistan and perform at shows inside her delicate home nation. Aryana Sayeed rose to popularity there with her adaptation of an old exemplary Afghan melody, Gule Seb. It was amid these beginning days in Afghanistan when she shot her next tune Dilam Tang Ast. The achievement of the tune brought about an Award for best tune taped inside Afghanistan at the Aryana Television Awards. It likewise came about into another profession as a TV host at one of Afghanistan’s driving stimulation channels. Her next tune Hairanam did sensibly well. Aryana’s next enormous achievement, Jelwa, was a joint effort with one of the main artists in the Afghan Music Industry, Jawid Sharif. This was the second time they combined up after their starting achievement, Biya. Aryana Sayeed took after this up by a peppy nationalistic tune to support the craft of games in her nation. A few vocalists were marked on to make the tune, Afghanistan. Aryana’s latest melody, Banoo e Atash Nasheen which portrays the agony the ladies of Afghanistan have confronted over years of war and mishandle has won her huge basic approval. An extensive ensemble has added to the music of the tune and the shooting occurred inside Afghanistan. Soon after the tune was discharged, Aryana was requested a meeting by the BBC to clarify her reason and importance behind the tune.

It wasn’t much sooner than Aryana Sayeed was marked on by one of the main stimulation channels within Afghanistan, 1TV. Her appear, Music Night, included her performing and meeting different craftsmen. The show was a win and after the first season Aryana left to backpedal home in London. Soon after this Aryana Sayeed was marked by, Tolo TV as one of the judges at The Voice of Afghanistan. An ability show in light of visually impaired tryouts prevalent in nations everywhere throughout the world.

Aryana Sayeed was initially investigated after a fake photo of her and an outside man was coursing around long range interpersonal communication locales. Aryana Sayeed made the bits of gossip stop after she posted the genuine and fake picture by one another on her authority Facebook page. At one of the last shows of Afghan Star on Tolo TV, where Aryana was welcomed as a visitor judge, Aryana was seen performing to her own adaptation of an Ahmad Zahir melody, Tu Baray Moqadasi. Soon after the execution was broadcast on TV a lot of grumblings were made by the Afghans, as they found the white dress Aryana Sayeed had worn too tight. After the Rumi Awards 2013, Aryana Sayeed’s administrator went on long range informal communication site, Facebook, to express his aversion to a previous Afghan artist Parasto. By, Parasto had made discourteous comments about Aryana Sayeed before a substantial group of onlookers. The matter got monstrous when Parasto’s little girl, Shabana Mehryar, who is a surely understood artist herself, began to utilize injurious dialect on people in general stage. Soon after this the remark was erased and the matter was put to rest.

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