Faiz Karezi

Faiz Karezi Afghan Songs | دانلود آهنگ های فیض کاریزی

Mah e Taban Amad PLAY
Zargi Yara PLAY
Manzele Man PLAY
Janem Sadqa PLAY
Dilbare Sherinam PLAY
Chashem Khumari PLAY
Labane Yarem PLAY
Khabar Dari Nadari PLAY
Sabzina Dilbar PLAY
Dilbara Dil PLAY
Yarem PLAY
Sadqa Shawom PLAY
Dile Mara Na Ranjan PLAY

Sabza Ba Naaz PLAY
Ashiqam PLAY
Dildar Man PLAY
Sheer Wa Shakar PLAY
Malang Shudam PLAY
Ay Dil Bia PLAY
Yar Jani Man PLAY
Yare Mehraban PLAY
Intezaram Bia PLAY
Mastana Kharabam PLAY
Dar Rahe Ishq PLAY
Dedamat Yaar PLAY

Khatme Zanzeri PLAY
Awara PLAY
Lab Shireen PLAY
Noor Do Chashm PLAY
Adam Khan PLAY
Khusham Imshab PLAY
Ameena PLAY
Janam Ba Tu Qurban PLAY
Bya Ke Kabul Jan Berem PLAY
Maadar PLAY
Dega Bezar Shudam PLAY
Az Rahe Door PLAY
Darwaza Bezan PLAY
Zamana PLAY
Laila Laila PLAY

Aroos Jan Maadar PLAY
Gulab Asti PLAY
Kabul Jan Berawem PLAY
Dile Man Shikwa Nakon PLAY


Album: Jan-e Madar

Album: Awara

Album: Sabza Ba Naaz

Album: Mah-e Taban


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About Faiz Karezi:

Faiz Karezi (فيض كاريزي) (conceived 1953) is a well known Afghan artist. He is positioned as the most productive folkloric vocalist of Afghanistan and has been alluded to as that nation’s “Lord of Folklore Music.” Now based out of Sweden, he frequently visits Europe, United States Australia for exhibitions.

Faiz was conceived in Kar-e-Zamin, a suburb of Kabul. Amid his secondary school years he took an interest in social exercises, inciting him to enter the music scene of those get-togethers. He was allegedly an exceptionally energetic learner of music and when he began singing, he could make a wide after among his classmates amid this time. With the support of his associates furthermore his teachers, he was asked to sing professionally as a folkloring vocalist. Therefore started a trip of acclaim for the graduate. He sings in Persian, hazaragi and once in a while in Pashto.

Faiz showed up on Afghanistan’s national TV first in 1978. He rapidly turned into a prestigious vocalist, his acclaim paralleling the introductory and fast rising notoriety of his secondary school years. Amid this time he began recording different collections, a large portion of them of his live exhibitions. He turned out to be popular to the point that by the ahead of schedule to mid 80s, he was positioned as the most mainstream vocalist in that nation. Albeit the vast majority of his melodies were folkloring and a few interpretations of other pop tunes, he overshadowed every single other artist for open idolization. By late 80s, he turned into an easily recognized name and the first decision wedding vocalist.

He now dwells in Sweden, proceeding with his music vocation estrange.

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