Farhad Darya

Farhad Darya Afghan Songs | دانلود آهنگ های فرهاد دریا

Khushid Man PLAY
Yakak Yare Daram PLAY
Mazdigar PLAY
Kabul Watan PLAY
Zuhra Jabin PLAY
Sta Stergo PLAY
Namaz Sham PLAY
Maidanam Laili PLAY
Ba Mazar PLAY
Mara Yaad PLAY
Mara Dobara PLAY
Dukhtar Amo PLAY

Yanee Inst PLAY
Gerya PLAY
Belandiha PLAY
Khudai Khabar PLAY
Dukhtar PLAY
Ai Darya PLAY
Nassa PLAY
Khuda Jan PLAY
Beltoon PLAY
Shakar PLAY
Yanee PLAY
Dasahte Tanhayee PLAY
Labkhande Dobaara PLAY
Ansoye Darya PLAY
Chi Rozhaa PLAY
Akher PLAY
Dunya Guzaran PLAY
Speena Rupai PLAY
Khosham Meaayad PLAY
Deeda Jaan PLAY
Babulaal PLAY
Bamane Khoda PLAY
Rafiqe Raah PLAY
Shauq e Daroon PLAY
Chashm e Tar PLAY
Aiene Yaari PLAY
Degar Baara PLAY
Qabila e Ashiq PLAY
Wairaan PLAY
Roze Bazaar PLAY
Setaara e Shaam PLAY
Kuja Gorezam PLAY
Gebraile Soroodhaa PLAY
Zakhme Hijraan PLAY
Jelgaye Noor o Allaf PLAY
Arman PLAY
Jedaee PLAY
Begum Jan PLAY
Shahi Raman PLAY
Kabul Jan PLAY
Jelkai PLAY
Yanga Kunduz PLAY
Tu Rafti PLAY
Arose Aftao PLAY
Afghanistan PLAY
Shakhe Nabat PLAY
Gulum Gulum PLAY
Sheen Raket PLAY
Maadaram PLAY
Babulaale PLAY
Yakdana Gul PLAY
Pag Beeraar PLAY
Beya Taa PLAY
Sheeshta Bashom PLAY
Gul Sanam PLAY

Khoda Hafiz Gulesuri PLAY
Azaadi PLAY
Da Zwanai Wraze PLAY
Paree Darya PLAY
Tasha Masha PLAY
Ay Khanom PLAY
Nazdeek Shodan PLAY
Alaijo PLAY
Darya Ba Darya PLAY
Gorgori PLAY

Yaraan PLAY
Zhuwandoon PLAY
Safar Naama PLAY
Ako Pako PLAY
Salaam Alek PLAY
Salam Afghanistan PLAY
Gorigori PLAY
Saranjely PLAY
Dunyae Faani PLAY
Arezo PLAY
Mesazamat PLAY
Yahoo PLAY

Yawa Wraz PLAY
O Ghaitaa PLAY
Pyale PLAY
Yadam Namanda PLAY
Parwaayam Nadari PLAY
Jazeera PLAY
Dilam Tang Ast PLAY
Khalwat PLAY
Hanoz PLAY
Bacha Nasho PLAY
Nashkenad PLAY
Dewhaaye Mast PLAY
Biraar PLAY
Zhwand Khkole De PLAY
Dosti [Friendship] PLAY
Dewaloona PLAY
March [Sarzamin Man] PLAY
Attan PLAY


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About Farhad Darya:

Farhad Darya Nashir (فرهاد دریا‎; conceived September 22, 1962) is an Afghan artist, writer and music maker. He serves as the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) National Goodwill Ambassador for Afghanistan and is included in various magnanimous associations, for example, Music Village and others. He has earned warmth for his music as well as patriotism. He has a fan base that extends from his local Afghanistan to parts of Central Asia, and Tajikistan. Darya sings in different dialects including Persian, Pashto, Uzbek, English and Urdu.

Darya was conceived on 22 September 1962 in Kabul, Afghanistan to ethnic Pashtun folks, he is the grandson of Sher Khan Nashir. He examined Afghan writing while going to Kabul University. Darya established his first expert band, Goroh-e-Baran (signifying “Precipitation Band”) with Asad Badie. Amid this time, he composed music for different specialists under the nom de plume (Cloud), and began playing Afghan and Indian traditional music. He later left the college and selected in the Afghan Armed Forces.

In 1990 he moved to Germany and started singing once more. In the wake of going through Prague and Hamburg, Darya landed in Paris, where he would meet Sultana Emam. The two were hitched in 1993 and moved to Northern Virginia in the United States in 1995. After a year they brought forth a child, Hejran Darya.

Subsequent to Darya’s TV debut on Afghanistan’s broadcasting company in 1980, he has discharged more than two dozen collections, which sold more than 2 million duplicates the acclaimed ones delivered in a state of banishment, a hefty portion of which manage the Soviet war in Afghanistan and the subsequent incidents of the war-torn country. A large portion of the music is gone for offering Afghans some assistance with bringing peace and solidarity to their nation., and manages topics of national solidarity.

He discharged his Salaam Afghanistan collection in 2003, with a DVD arrival of music recordings in March 2004.

In September 2006, Darya’s new single Salamalek in a cooperation with German artist Peter Maffay was discharged, as a feature of Maffay’s collection Begegnungen – Eine Allianz für Kinder. It was Darya’s first shake tune.

In August 2007, Darya finished his new collection HA! furthermore, was discharged in Afghanistan, trailed by Germany in March 2008. The video of his melody Dohle Bezan (Nazdeek Shodan) (Talk To Me/Closer) from the collection HA! debuted on Afghan’s national TV in February 2008.[citation needed] Later that year, Darya’s new collection Yahoo was discharged.

He has not took a shot at another collection since, but rather has discharged a lot of singles, including Attan, Dew Hai Mast, Nashkenad

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