Latif Nangarhari

Latif Nangarhari Afghan Songs | دانلود آهنگ های لطیف ننگرهاری

Rasha Gule Rasha PLAY
Yaara Sta PLAY
Wale Mayen Showay PLAY
Afghanistan PLAY
Na Na Warokai PLAY
Kabul Jan PLAY
De London Musafaro PLAY
Sta Judaye PLAY

Che Bangro PLAY
Rasha Gule Rasha PLAY

Sta De Stergo PLAY
Tor Pekay PLAY
Laila PLAY
Intezaar PLAY
Karbala PLAY
Tore Stargey PLAY
Bewafa PLAY
Sheen Khalay PLAY
Afghan Watan PLAY
Yarana PLAY
Rang De Khazo PLAY
Zwani PLAY
Wade Kawo PLAY

Meena PLAY
Afghan Yama PLAY
Da Starge De Bya PLAY
Ta Raghaly Pa Zwanay PLAY
Afghan Bacho Khunzai PLAY
Shahr e Faryad PLAY
Sta Stargo PLAY
Bangrewale PLAY
Eshara PLAY
Afghanistan De Wranawalo Nade PLAY
Zulfe De Maraan Di PLAY
Chashman PLAY

Latif Nangarhari Albums:

Album: Single Songs

Album: Rasha Gule Rasha


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About Latif Nangarhari:

Latif Nangarhari (لطیف ننګرهاری) is a surely understood Afghan vocalist. He sings in the Pashto dialect (despite the fact that has one Dari tune) thus far has discharged one collection called Rasha Gule, comprising of 10 tunes, with another collection to be discharged some time soon. He has likewise made various different singles. Latif is an inhabitant in the UK since 2001, having lived in London, however he now lives in Birmingham.

Latif rose to prominence in 2009 subsequent to discharging incredible melodies (a considerable lot of which depend on verse), and turned into a hit for Afghan individuals.

Latif has performed shows all through Australia, Europe, Russia, and the Middle East. Latif soon will be singing in Dari which is another dialect in Afghanistan.

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