Mir Maftoon

Mir Maftoon Afghan Songs | دانلود آهنگ های میرمفتون

Falak PLAY
Bahar Baran PLAY
Qataghani PLAY
Kabul Ba Faryad PLAY
Imroz Tu Negar PLAY
Gahe Buqra PLAY
Lal Badakhshan PLAY
Shamali PLAY
Dilbaram Raft PLAY

Afat Ba Janam PLAY
Shireen Farhad PLAY
Bacha Jan PLAY
Wah Wah Laila PLAY
Che Mekardam Agar PLAY
Roy Yar Khal Dara PLAY
Tamasha Ma Rawaim PLAY
Qahraman e Dasht PLAY

Zulaikha PLAY
Waye Dukhtare Hamsaya PLAY
Waye Dile Man PLAY
Yari Ashiq PLAY
Yarak Man PLAY
Nadari Nazaray PLAY
Gul Basar PLAY
Kochaye Janan PLAY
Chura Chura PLAY
Guftum PLAY


Album: Mir Maftoon Dambora Program

Album: Mela-e Badakhshan

Album: Shamali Program


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About Mir Maftoon:

Mir Maftoon is an Afghan performer. Maftoon was conceived amid the 1930s in the territory of Badakhshan.

He had some expertise in real instruments, chiefly the dambura (a two string lute), the harmonium and the ghaychak (a two string violin). He joins the music styles from the district of Badakhshan (Northern Afghanistan) with one another and blends musical components of diverse ethnic starting points of other Central Asian area’s too. In the West, Maftoon is for the most part known as an instrumentalist; in Afghanistan he is referred to as a vocalist also.

His writings fluctuate from sentimental and humoristic to social pundit. Maftoon knew not in a nation where music had been illegal by the Taliban. He performed in Europe also, as in 2001 in Arnhem in the Netherlands.

In 2001 he was respected with a global Prince Claus Award “for his musical abilities and his part as a society medium of the conventional music of North Afghanistan.”

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