Qader Eshpari

New Afghan Songs of Qader Eshpari | دانلود آهنگ های قادر اشپاری

Chatri Bangliwaal PLAY
Range Khazan PLAY
Gul Raiza PLAY
Dil Imshab PLAY
Hawa Hawa PLAY
Chand Saba Mesha PLAY
Setaraha PLAY
Dilakum PLAY
Dilam Mesha PLAY
Tawalod PLAY
Sabrina PLAY
Aseman Aabi PLAY

Dedar Tu PLAY
Esme Tura PLAY
Dil Aseer PLAY
Marjan PLAY
Khaterahaa PLAY
Khastgaari PLAY
Dukhtar Kabul PLAY
Arosi PLAY
Bote Cheen PLAY
Instrumental PLAY
Dance With Me PLAY
Wairana PLAY
Tura Ba Ghair PLAY

Sazi Qataghan PLAY
Sahil e Ishq PLAY
Dardi Dilam Ra Darmani PLAY
Dilbar Janan PLAY
Khalaki Royat PLAY
Rangina PLAY
Atash Tela PLAY
Ghazal PLAY
Darya Wahe PLAY
Wro Wro Za PLAY
Estalef Ma PLAY
Ba Man Bakhan PLAY
Mobarak Bada PLAY
Herat PLAY
Ghazal PLAY

Tawalodi PLAY
Kaakol PLAY
Mirwai PLAY
Anari Rang PLAY
Malik Jan PLAY
Naazi PLAY
Godar PLAY
Madar PLAY
Qesmat PLAY
Ashena PLAY
Homaira PLAY
Khateraat PLAY
Laila PLAY
Gule Naaz PLAY
Sahel PLAY
Watan PLAY

Qader Eshpari Albums:

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Album: Qader Eshpari – Generation X

Album: Qader Eshpari – Naazi Jaan

Album: Qader Eshpari Sahil Ishq

Album: Qader Eshpari – Sia Moo

Album: Qader Eshpari – Sabrina

About Qader Eshpari:

Qader Eshpari is a contemporary Afghan vocalist.
Qader Eshpari was conceived in September 1967, in suburbia of Kabul. Shortly after, Eshpari‘s family fled Afghanistan, because of war, and settled in the United States. Eshpari concentrated on Computer Science at University, and filled in as a specialist for a long time before coming back to his adolescence enthusiasm of music. He began composing music and verses, and working together with other Afghan performers to begin to comprehend the field. Eshpari is profoundly affected by the music in Bollywood movies, and his own broad going all through the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe and India. Eshpari commonly sings pop melodies in Dari, and even has a couple of tunes in English. He records his music in his own recording studio. Esphari is a piece of another era of Afghan craftsman who accomplish notoriety outside of Afghanistan, yet to a reliable Afghan fan base all through the world. Esphari as of now lives in California, and goes the world over giving shows.

In the wake of completing secondary school in Las Vegas, Nevada, Qader moved to California to seek after advanced education. There he earned a degree in Computer Science. Subsequent to working for IBM as a Technical Support Engineer for a long time, he chose to come back to his youth enthusiasm at the end of the day. He began making music and worked with different performers to begin a vocation in this field professionally.

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