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Dukht e Watan PLAY
Sarbaaz Watan PLAY
Angoor Shamali PLAY
Gharanai PLAY
Watandar PLAY
Chadare Ishq PLAY
Naath PLAY
Lamba Di Shoma PLAY
Ta Sara Meena Laram PLAY
Mastam Mast PLAY

Bewafaa PLAY
Ba Taswiram Che Mebini PLAY
Dukhtare Kochi PLAY
Yarak Bewafa PLAY
Muhabbat PLAY
Eidat Mubarak PLAY
Dil e Pareshanam PLAY

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About Seeta Qasemi:

Seeta Qasemie was conceived on 6 April 1983 in Kabul. Seeta Qasemie fled to Pakistan with her family because of common war.

She began her vocation by performing at little capacities with different vocalists such as Jawid Sharif.

At one of these capacities Seeta met Valy Hedjasi who was still a camera man in those days. Valy had inquired as to whether she was occupied with teaming up. Seeta made, composed and sung the tunes ‘Bia Tu’ and ‘Dilbare Mehrabanam however she was never given acknowledgment for those from Valy.

Seeta‘s first business achievement accompanied the melody “Dukhtare Kuchi“. She sings both in Pashto and Dari and lives in Germany.

She is the best and well known artist of Afghanistan. She got widespread prevalence in a couple time

Seeta Qasemi was conceived in Kabul Capital of Afghanistan and concentrated on school up to tenth grade in one of Kabul city schools however amid inside wars she leaved the nation. In the first she went to Pakistan and after to Germany and now she is living in Frankfurt. Seeta Qasemi is the artist she has more fans between young people of Afghanistan. Seeta Qasemi started her artist works from the youth. Seeta Qasemi has more than 20 song. Seeta Qasemi has more blended melodies with various Afghanistan artists that artists are Wali,Bashir Hamdard,Shafiq Mureed and Arees Parwiz furthermore Seeta Qasemi is the best Compositor and writer and has full access in making of music makes and make out of her a few tunes are from herself. Seeta Qasemi made video cuts for her a few tunes that some of them are blended tunes with Bashir Hamdard,Shafiq Mureed, Arees

Seeta Qasemi wedded with Farooq Karemi and they have 2 youngsters as per recounting her spouse he had more hobbies to Seeta Qasemi however they have isolated.

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